Frequently Asked Questions About Eloping in Colorado

(and my elopement photography services)

Why do you only photograph elopements and small weddings?

Yes, I can make more money shooting big weddings, but that's not where my heart lies. My own wedding was a gathering of fewer than 15 people on a crisp Colorado evening in December. I much prefer intimate affairs where the focus is on the couple rather than an event where the emphasis is all-too-often on keeping the guests happy.

Shooting elopements allows me to catch the intimate moments shared by two people on a very special day in their lives. It's harder to capture those moments when there are tons of people present.

In addition, my personal values embrace both simplicity and environmentalism. Elopement weddings mesh nicely with these. And to top it off, most elopement ceremonies take place outside amid the spectacular Colorado mountains. And that's my happy place!

How do you define an elopement wedding? How many guests will you work with?

Elopement weddings have grown in popularity over the last few years. They're no longer considered "running away in secret to get married," (although that's fun too!). In my experience, elopement weddings can be just the couple, or the couple and a handful of guests. My comfort level is 15 guests. Anything larger than that starts taking away from the intimacy of the day. I'll go up to 20 guests, but that's the absolute maximum. I'm happy to refer you to other photographers whose work I trust if your wedding is too large for me to shoot.

Will you help me find a place in Colorado to have my wedding?

I can provide you with a list of sites that are my preferred small wedding venues. However, I don't provide in-depth location scouting, permit information, etc. That can be fairly time-consuming.

What areas of Colorado do you serve?

I serve the entire state, but my primary service area is the Colorado Front Range (including Estes Park, Loveland/Fort Collins, Denver/Boulder and Colorado Springs) as well as the mountain areas of Breckenridge/Keystone, Vail, Winter Park and Aspen.

How much does wedding photography cost?

My rate for the Colorado Front Range is $800 for one hour of shooting in one location. Colorado Rocky Mountain areas (Breckenridge/Keystone, Winter Park/Grand Lake, Vail and Aspen) are priced at $1,000.

Do you charge travel fees?

My rates are as stated for the above locations. No travel fees are ever added to those locations. If you would like me to travel to other Colorado areas, I will quote you a rate that includes travel fees. I'm very transparent in my pricing--no one likes unexpected fees! I always give you the "final answer" price upfront.

Do you provide elopement photography in places other than Colorado?

Sometimes I do! I enjoy travel and if you're getting married in an area that I'm interested in going to, I can often accommodate you without any additional travel fees. I have family in the San Francisco Bay Area so will often shoot weddings in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Big Sur for my flat rate. Just ask.

Will you hike to an off-the-beaten-path location to shoot my wedding?

Absolutely! I've been hiking in the Colorado mountains for many years and am always up for an adventure! Additional fees will apply for the extra time involved.

How and when do I make payment?

Once you decide you want to use my services, I take 50% of the total fee upon booking (which is when we'll sign a contract) and the remaining 50% will be due 30 days before your wedding. I accept online payments through Paypal. 

If you book me with less than 30 days to go for your wedding, I require payment in full upon booking.

When will I receive my photos?

I will send you a flash drive of your photos. My contract says you will receive your photos within 30 days; however, that is simply to cover me when I get booked up like crazy in the busy summer months. In most cases, I can mail your drive within a week of your wedding.

Who retains the copyrights to my photos?

I retain the copyright. However, you have full usage rights to all the photos. The edited photos are given to you in hi-resolution format, with no watermark and you are free to print, utilize, share on social media and distribute them as you please.

Who can legally perform my wedding ceremony in the state of Colorado?

You can be married by a judge, a member of the clergy or you can self-solemnize your marriage (meaning you can be married without an officiant present). If you would like officiant referrals, I can recommend some excellent ones.

How do I get a marriage license in Colorado?

You may obtain a marriage license at a County Clerk and Recorder's office anywhere in Colorado. You must go together (most offices are not open on Saturdays, so take that into account), pay a $30 fee, present photo ID and answer a few simple questions. The County Clerk will give you the license right away and there is no waiting period to get married in the state of Colorado.

Did I miss one?

Send me an email with any other questions you have, or call me at 720-305-8806.